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Making Co-living A Harmonious Experience- Do’s And Don’ts of Living with Others

Posted by Anita Zeba Bakhtiar on January 20, 2024

In recent times, after COVID-19 transformed our world and created a “New Normal”, we have slowly had to learn to adapt to changing norms. Co-living as a concept started becoming more common around that same time, perhaps out of necessity. Younger people looking for temporary accommodation would previously have to look for residential hostels. Co-living spaces are popping up all across Dhaka to accommodate out-of-towners. Therefore it has now become essential to keep in mind what to do (or not to do) should you decide to live in such a co-living space. 


  • Socializing is always a good thing

Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, you have to find a way to at least interact with people every now and then. In a co-living space, befriending everyone can only help you in feeling less lonely on your less than positive days. The best part is that these people are on similar journeys because they are also living away from their families. 

  • Maintain the rules of the space

Usually, every co-living space has a different set of rules that residents need to abide by. It is always easier and more efficient to maintain these rules while you are staying there, not only for your own benefit, but also for the convenience of others who share the space with you. 

  • Take care when and where you use your phone

Since you will be sharing your space with other individuals, keep it in mind when having a conversation over the phone. It is best if you can find a specific time where maybe one of the more secluded areas is free, and therefore nobody will have issues even if you are having an awkward, private or louder-than-usual conversation. 



  • Don’t wait for somebody else to pick up after you

This might very well be your first stint living like an adult, but it in no way gives you the right to slack off like you perhaps were used to doing in your own home. Remember that in co-living spaces, areas and tasks are often divided amongst all residents. So, if you see that the trash needs to be taken out, do it yourself. Don’t wait for one of your co-residents to do it simply because they’re “supposed to.” Instead, just make sure to tell them that they owe you a task in return. 

  • Don’t hold yourself back if any issues arise

You have to understand that since each of you comes from different backgrounds, there will inevitably be a difference of opinions. Try to resolve issues through honest and open communication. It is always best to talk clearly, respectfully and effectively. Holding yourself back when you’re having problems will only lead to anger and resentment down the line. 

  • Don’t be messy

No matter what you do, please make sure that you maintain hygiene and clean up after yourself. A clean living space is a healthy living space, and you should definitely keep that in mind when you share a living space with other people. Help out in cleaning dishes and doing laundry, and keep your things neat and organized to avoid conflicts. 

If you make sure to follow these rules completely when sharing a living space with other individuals, your co-living situation will undoubtedly become harmonious and comfortable. Some things you will also learn over time, as you gain more experience.

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