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  • All residents must be of at least 18 years of age
  • At the time of admission, each resident is required to fill out the Registration Form. Mobile number and email address of parent/s, local guardian, guarantor and self must be provided
  • Any change in contact details of parent/s, local guardian or guarantor has to be communicated to the company in writing by the resident.
  • The following furniture and accessories will be provided in each unit-
  1. bunk bed
  2. locker
  3. drawer
  4. reading board
  5. reading lamp
  6. fan
  7. pillow with cover
  8. blanket
  9. jajim with toshok
  10. bed sheet
  11. air conditioner
  12. LED Tube Light
  13. cloth hanger
  14. curtains
  15. prayer mat
  16. geyser
  17. ceiling fan
  18. IPS, smart TV
  19. iron with stand
  20. dining table with chairs
  21. fridge, fire extinguisher
  22. First Aid kit
  23. hair dryer
  24. shoe rack
  • It is mandatory for residents to present valid photo identification at the time of admission. A valid Photo ID has to be carried by every person staying at the hostel.
  • Valid identifications accepted are NID, Passport, and Driving License. Residents/Guests without valid IDs will not be allowed admission.
  • Advance taken at the time of admission is strictly non-refundable.
  • Nonresidents are not allowed inside rooms. In case you want to invite someone, you can meet with them in the meeting room.
  • Residents are responsible for their own personal belongings.
  • No pets are allowed.
  • Should any action by a tenant be deemed inappropriate, the company reserves the right, after the allegations have been investigated, to take action against the resident.
  • Right to admission is reserved.
  • It is mandatory for resident to submit a copy of duly completed Undertaking Forms to the hostel authorities which are enclosed.


  • The advance taken at the time of reservation is always non-refundable.


A local guardian/guarantor must sign the required papers on behalf of the resident. Proof of identity (NID/passport copy) of the guarantor will be required.


  • Residents are personally responsible for safety of their valuables and these should be kept in the personal locker/ drawer under lock. Residents should not leave belongings, money, cell phone etc. unattended or unguarded.


  • The Company Manager along with Security Guard may at their discretion, inspect/check any room or residents’ belongings in presence of the residents staying there at any time of the day or night.


  • The lights in the bathroom/ kitchen should be used only as and when necessary, and shall be switched off when they are not in use. While leaving the room, residents should take care to switch off the lights and fans without fail. Reading lamps should be used after lights out time.
  • Tampering with the electric installation shall be treated as a serious offense. When there is a need for carrying out a repair, the electrician should be called in. A complaint may also be registered in the Complaint Register kept at the reception.
  • The electricity and gas bills shall be realized as per actual and will be evenly distributed among residents at the hostel.


  • An on-call doctor is available in case of emergency.


  • The company maintains FIRST AID Kit for every unit.


  • One month written notice is necessary in case a resident desires to vacate the unit.


  • Details of any visitor must be registered at the reception. Any person found in the premises without registration will be immediately asked to leave and the concerned resident will be held accountable.
  • In general, no female shall be allowed to visit as a guest in the boys’ hostel and vice-versa.


  • No right in nature of tenancy or any other similar right is created by occupation or use of the residential premises and property. A resident is merely permitted to temporarily stay in the building under the rules and regulations framed by the company from time to time. The occupation and use of the premises and property do not create the right to tenancy of the occupants.


  • Print out of the duly filled and completed Registration Form with two recent passport-size photographs. The Registration Form must be signed by the guarantor in support of verification of filled information.
  • Duly signed undertaking by the resident and the guarantor along with the photograph of the guarantor local guardian, and guarantor.
  • Photocopy of NID of the residents.
  • Photocopy of proof of residence (permanent address), and utility bills.


The following rules shall apply to residents. Violation of any rule will make the resident liable to disciplinary action including expulsion.

  • Residents should stay only in the rooms allotted to them by the Manager. They should not either interchange the rooms among themselves or shift to another room without the permission of the Manager.
  • Residence is not transferable to any other person. In case of violation of this rule, the allotment shall be canceled and disciplinary action will be taken against the allottee and against the illegal occupant of the hostel seat.
  • Residents are responsible for furniture and other fittings handed over to them. They are expected to check these items when the room is handed over to them. They are to return all the things in good condition. The cost of damages or losses of these items will be recovered from them.
  • Residents should vacate and hand over the furniture and fittings in the rooms in good condition at the time of leaving.
  • Defacing the rooms, doors, and corridors by writing, drawing pictures, or in any other way is not permitted and will attract heavy fines.
  • Residents are expected to maintain decency in their dress and behavior.
  • The consumption storage or supply of liquor or any sort of intoxicants /or smoking is strictly prohibited. If found guilty, the offenders will be dealt with severe action including prosecution. Any kind of involvement in cases of any kind of drugs/liquor/ intoxicating material in and outside the hostel will not be tolerated and will be dealt with strictly. Any kind of gambling is also strictly prohibited.
  • Shouting, running, and talking loudly on cell phones, and making any sort of noise that can disturb other residents is strictly prohibited.
  • The gates of the building will be locked at 11 pm every evening.
  • The use of loud music systems is restricted.
  • Residents have to take care of their belongings, money, cell phones, etc. They must ensure proper locking arrangements for their belongings. In case of any theft/loss of any belongings of the resident, the Company will not be responsible.
  • No Parents/ Guardians/ non-residents/ any outsider will be permitted to stay overnight in the hostel.
  • Residents must give advance intimation in the form of a written application to the Manager for their absence before leaving the hostel.
  • Residents are not permitted to collect money from other residents for celebrations like send-off/trip /any other function.
  • Admission to the building is at the discretion of the hostel authorities. Their decision in this regard will be final and binding on all residents.
  • All fans, air conditioners, hot water geysers, and lights must be switched off when the resident is not in the room/respective area.
  • No resident shall take the law into his own hands. If any the other residents are indulging in any undesirable activity or causing inconvenience he should lodge a complaint in writing with the Manager.
  • Residents shall not move any furniture/fittings from its allotted place.
  • For any electrical / carpentry / plumbing maintenance related complaint, the residents need to make an entry in the Complaint Register which is available with the Manager.
  • While entering in or going out, residents have to write their names and other details in the Log Book kept at the security gate.
  • Residents proceeding on leave will have to notify the Manager; the same are required to report to the Manager when they are back from the leave.
  • Residents are not permitted to change rooms or sleep anywhere other than their own room.
  • A resident will be personally and collectively responsible for any loss/ damage to the properties and equipment and other fittings in the building. In case of damage to any furniture, apparatus or other property of the company, the loss caused shall be recovered directly from those identified persons whenever possible. But, if the persons who caused the damage are unknown, the cost of repairing it as may be assessed by the company will be distributed equally among all the residents of such groups or associations as may be found responsible.
  • Residents should not break open or try to break open the occupied/vacant rooms of the building. Any damage done to the property will have to be borne the person(s) responsible.
  • Writing slogans or any writings, obscene drawings on the walls and rooms are PROHIBITED. Fine will be imposed on residents/group of residents indulging in such writings.
  • Playing cricket, football etc., in the common space or inside or in front of the building is PROHIBITED. It causes damage to the property, and also disturbs the peace of the surroundings.
  • Any case of theft/property loss/damage should be reported promptly to the Manager.

The company reserves the right to revise the Rules and Regulations from time to time as and when required.

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